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Sculpture of Alemee- Golden Tusk

129,00 €

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Fragrance Composition Golden Tusk Sandalwood, Apple Blossom, Grapefruit

Base  Elefant Sculpture

Volume  250 ml

Handmade in Germany

Mabou’s first collection "Spirit of the Jungle" is based on one of many stories from a yet unknown world. "The retreat into the Jungle", Chapter I tells the story of how three masters of the savannah (elephant, lion and giraffe) are exiled into anutterlydifferent habitatby the nomad folk "Baakir".

The exceptional union of savannah and jungle forms the basis of the composition, which gives rise to the fragrances and sculptures of the "Spirit of the Jungle" edition.

1. Remove the lid of the bottle

2. Place the wick into the bottle

Within a few days the Mabou Scented Sculpture will begin to scent and turn a darker shade. After 3-4 months the scent is fully evaporated and the sculpture will drain. The product can then be refilled. Refillers are available in the Mabou Online Shop for 59,95 € for 500 ml (around 3 refills).