A World Of Exclusive Fragrance Designs

After extensive development and research with leading perfumers and designers, Mabou puts a deep and revolutionary innovation in the field of home fragrances on the market. For the first time, sculptures are used as diffusers and hand-crafted boxes are provided with exotic stones and candle wax. All products are 100% handmade in Germany. Each edition, as well as its fragrances, is inspired by creatures and places of Mabou and tells their story.

The Mabou Story

An undiscovered world full of secrets

The world of Mabou is home to fascinating animal species, extraordinary plant creatures, and previously undiscovered human tribes. Tales of red-brushed deserts, richly overgrown jungles and luminous forests are among Mabou's legends. Until recently, these were considered lost, but now, for the first time, sculptures, artifacts, and other mysterious objects from Mabou are reappearing to tell their story.

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