Spirit of the Jungle

Chapter I

The retreat into the Jungle

It all begins with "Alemee", a wondrous plant that only thrives under the hot sun above the savannah of Mabou. Mabou savannah. Since the creation of Mabou, Alemee has been an important source of food, health and survival as an important source of food, health and well-being.

According to the legend, a nomad of the nomad of the tribe "Baakir" in search of game. Between two dunes he discovers the he discovers the hitherto unknown fruit, picks it and smells its blossom. While eating it is ineffective for humans. the inhalation of the plant juices causes true healing miracles. In a very short time the the miracle plant becomes the most popular merchandise of the Baakir. They no longer wanted to do without the healing and dig up the fruit including the root in the savannah, without considering the necessity of the the necessity of the plant for the animal kingdom.

Chapter II

The Boxes of Alemee

"Come and breathe in the aromas of the enchanting "Alemee" and feel the power that flows through your veins," said the nomad. through your veins," spoke the nomad. The beguiling scent captivated the entire village in no time at all, everyone everyone wanted to learn more about the plant from the savannah and get hold of it for themselves.

Only the Baakir elder, called "Charloon", seemed to hesitate. Charloon was known for his caution and skepticism... which had saved him and his people many a time from hasty decisions and failure. from hasty decisions and failures. But in the frenzy of the Alemee, no one wanted to hear the elder's concerns.

So the and dug up the plant and its roots all over the savannah. But when the Baakir animals of the savannah, deprived of their food source, had fled into the jungle. jungle, they knew that Charloon had been right again. But it was too late.

The Baakir, devout as they were, now feared the punishment of the gods, as a consequence of their greed and greed. Seeking counsel, they turned to Charloon, but even he could not bring the animals from the jungle. Henceforth, to express their veneration of the beasts and to serve as a constant reminder their deeds, the Baakir created handmade caskets on which they immortalized the savannah animals in mystic in mystical symbols.