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The Boxes of Alemee

“Come and inhale the aromas of the “Alemee” and feel the energy rushing through your veins,” proclaimed the nomad. The fascinating scent cast a spell over the entire village within minutes. Everyone wanted to find out more about the wondrous plant from the Savannah and get a hold of it for themselves. Only one hesitated, the oldest of the Baakir, called “Charloon”. Known for his skepticism and deliberation, which had saved him and his people from many failures, Charloon expressed his concerns. No one wanted to hear the elder’s trepidations. So, the tribe members scavenged the plant and its roots, across the whole Savannah. But when they realised that the animals of the Savannah had fled to the jungle, deprived of their food source, they knew Charloon had been right. Yet, it was too late. The Baakir, religious as they were, now feared the punishment of the Gods as a result of their greed and lust. Under guilt and concern they turned to the elder for advice, but their actions were irreversible. To express their admiration and deep appreciation for the animals from that moment forward until eternity, the Baakir created handmade sculptures and artforms, on which they immortalized the inhabitants of the Savannah using mystical symbols and incredible designs.

The retreat into the Jungle

It all starts with „Alemee“, a miraculous plant that only thrives in the hot sun over the savannah of Mabou. Since the creation of Mabou, Alemee has represented an important source of food, health and well-being for nu- merous animals inhabiting the dry savannah.

According to the legend a nomad of the Baakir tribe finds his way into the savannah in search of wild prey. Between two dunes, he discovers the unknown fruit, picks it up and smells its blossom. As soon as the nomad breathes in the scents, he is embraced by the intensive feeling of extraordinary strength and well-being. While eating the plant has no effect for humans, inhaling the plants‘ juices releases true, healing wonders. In no time, the miracle plant becomes the most popular commodity of the Baakir. They no longer want to live without the healing effects and start to dig up the fruit including its roots across the savannah, without considering the wildlifes‘ needs for the plant. Animals, such as elephants, giraffes, lions and other inhabitants are forced to leave the savannah behind and seek refuge in the jungle, hoping for a new home.