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The Mabou Story

An undiscovered world full of secrets.

The world of Mabou is home to fascinating animal species, extraordinary plant creatures and previously undiscovered human tribes.

Tales of red-brushed deserts, richly overgrown jungles and luminous forests are among the legends of Mabou. Until recently, these were thought to be lost, but now, for the first time, sculptures of Mabou are reappearing to tell their story.

The retreat into the Jungle

It all begins with "Alemee", a wondrous plant that only thrives under the hot sun above Mabou's savannah. Since the creation of Mabou, Alemee has been considered by some of the animal inhabitants of the arid savannah to be an important source of food, health and well-being.

According to the legend, a nomad of the tribe of "Baakir", in search of game, finds himself in the savannah. Between two dunes he discovers the hitherto unknown fruit, picks it and smells its blossom. No sooner does the nomad inhale the scent than he is embraced by the inspiring feeling of extraordinary power and well-being.

While consumption is ineffective for humans, inhalation of the plant's juices works true healing miracles. In no time, the miracle plant becomes the Baakir's most popular commodity. They no longer wanted to do without the healing effect and dig up the fruit including the root in the savannah, without considering the necessity of the plant for the animal world.

This quickly drives animals such as the elephant, the giraffe, the lion and some other inhabitants out of the savannah. There is no other option but to seek refuge in the jungle in the hope of finding a new home.